Being a Care Worker

Being a Care Worker can often be demanding and sometimes do not get any social recognition, and a decent remuneration. We know this and that is why we listen to our carers and reward them with job enhancement and satisfaction. There is room for growth at Delor Care.

Supporting people everywhere

Wherever you have agreed to work, we expect utmost professionalism in caring for the people you have been sent into. As a carer we expect you to be reliable and compassionate. We will provide you full training to help you to do your job and also have first class community-based supervisors on hand to support you in your work.

What care worker do

Personal care might include helping a person to wash or dress, to use the toilet or to prepare meals. It could also involve helping people to take medicines or manage incontinence.

Care workers help with domestics, this can include shopping, housework, laundry and helping with paperwork and personal affairs.


No matter where you live in your own home a retirement village or a rest home.

Frail and vulnerable adults

Dementia & Alzheimers patients

Discharged patients from hospitals

People working towards specific outcome e.g. Reablement Patients

Learning difficulties

Disabled at home

Palliative care

Respite care

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